Rewiring A House

As times keep on changing, we need to adapt to those changes too. This also applies to the electrical wiring that is installed in the house. It can become outdated after a while and needs to be replaced and rewired so it can be up to date with the latest electrical standards.

Old wiring doesn’t support the appliances and systems of today as they need much higher capability. This is why experts always recommend changing the wiring of your house after every twenty-five years or so.

So, let’s dive into why rewiring a house is important, the cost of rewiring a house, Ireland, and the grant for rewiring house, Ireland.

Importance Of Rewiring A House

We all deserve to live in a home that is safe and secure and rewiring a house ensures that safety. This is because it solves any wiring issues that are prevalent around the house such as fuses, malfunctioning wiring, and reducing any risk that may cause unintentional electrocution or a fire.

Your wiring needs to meet the set standards of today and this is why an inspection is important, especially if your house is old. This way the house can be rewired and you can continue to live in a space that is safe and secure.

Cost Of Rewiring A House, Ireland

Of course, many things need to be taken into account for you to know the cost of rewiring a house, Ireland. Here are a few things your rewiring cost depends on:

  • The size of your property
  • How many people are required for rewiring
  • The condition of your electrical system

These are the top three things that every rewiring company takes into account before calculating the cost. However, because the rewiring needs to be done after every twenty-five years, the cost is nothing compared to the safety and peace of mind you will acquire.

As a rough estimate, most home rewiring jobs start at €1000 and go upwards from there depending on the size of your home.

Grant For Rewiring A House, Ireland

A grant for rewiring a house, Ireland is available to the people who are more than sixty-five years old. This is known as The Essential Repairs Grant. If you are more than sixty-five years old and your house is also either 25 years old or more, then your house can be rewired for free through this grant.

Signs Your Home Needs Electrical Rewiring

Now, that you have all the knowledge on rewiring, here are some signs through which you can tell if your house needs an electrical rewiring:

  • Your home loses power regularly
  • Sometimes your lights start flickering for no reason
  • You have sockets in your home that are burnt out
  • Your appliances trip regularly

Final Words

If your house is old and shows all the signs then it is time you get an electrical rewiring done. The cost of rewiring a house, Ireland is nothing compared to the safety you will get in return. For more information and a quote, contact us now!

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