Emergency Lighting Installation 101

Emergency lighting is a safety prerequisite for any workplace or public building. This is because, in case of an emergency or an incident, people need to be brought to safety. This can only be done if there is emergency lighting that provides backup when the main supply of power proves to be a failure.

It is the basic protocol that needs to be put in place for fire safety and here is how your business can benefit from an emergency lighting system.


When the main source of power fails, you need to ensure that the property is still safe and this is where emergency lighting comes in. It will guarantee you have a constant source of lighting so people can go towards safety and evacuate the building.

Easy To Install

All you need to do for an emergency lighting system is call an emergency electrician who will take care of the installation. They will ensure that your electrical system is in top-notch condition and they will also install everything that is required for an emergency lighting system.

Keeps Productivity Going

Imagine having a power outage and your employees don’t have the environment to work as they can’t work without power. However, if you have an emergency lighting system then your employees can still stay productive as there will be backup power.

This will ensure you don’t lose money and hours to non-productivity because your employees will still be able to work even if the main power fails.

When You Need To Call An Emergency Electrician

Don’t know when to call an emergency electrician? Here are a few signs that may require you to call an emergency electrician:

Lights Keep Flickering For No Reason

This is not normal and if it keeps happening without any indication as to why then you need to call an emergency electrician. This is because this happens when your bulbs receive less electricity than what is required. An emergency electrician will solve this problem in no time.

Blown Fuses

While it is normal for this to happen once or twice, it becomes a problem when it happens too much. This is an indicator that there is an issue with your main electrical system.

Many people try to do this on their own but it is best to call an emergency electrician instead. You should not handle electrical appliances without proper knowledge and safety precautions.

swords emergency electrician

Small Shocks From Appliances

Plugging something into a socket or touching an appliance and feeling a shock? Well, this is a big indicator that your electrical system has faults. This can become dangerous and is a serious safety hazard.

If that happens you should contact an emergency electrician as soon as you can to fix this issue.

Final Words

An emergency electrician does more than just install an emergency lighting system. If you are facing any electrical issues then don’t take too long. Call a professional emergency electrician to sort out all your electrical issues. If you want more information and are looking for one then contact us now!

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